How is Ubuntu going to be used? Will remote booting be required?

Will the system be an intranet? Bandwidth requirements? Wireless? Mobile?

How does this install fit in with academic, business, or corporate needs?

Are managers and potential users on board with the project? Is this install part of platform comparison or benchmarking? Will development tools be used? Is it an embedded device project?

Are there any special hardware or device interfacing requirements?

How much is in the budget? Will cost comparison be required?

Will a product or service be offered as a result?

What type of networking will be required?

Is there a specific objective of the install?

Is this a pilot or test install?

Any special power or energy requirements?

Does the public need to know?

Is high availability or data integrity an issue?

What other steps might precede or follow the install?

Are follow-up reports required?

What level or type of security will be required?

Is this a server installation?

Does the location provide needed temperature and security, or does it even matter?

Are any special device drivers needed for success?

Are there size or integrity needs? Has a backup plan been devised?

Are there time constraints or deadlines to the install?

Will special training be required for users or administrators?


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