Display a File

This line specifies a text file to be displayed to the user during login and when the user issues the cd command:

message <path> {<when> {<class> ...}}

The optional when clause can be login or cwD=(dir) , where dir is the name of a directory that is current. The optional class parameter enables messages to be shown only to a given class or classes of users.

Using messages is a good way to give information about where things are on your site as well as information that is system dependent, such as alternative sites, general policies regarding available data, server availability times, and so on.

You can use magic cookies to breathe life into your displayed messages. Magic cookies are symbolic constants that are replaced by system information. Table 23.1 lists valid magic cookies for the message command and their representation.

Local time (form Thu Nov 15 17:12:42 1990)

Free space in partition of CWD (kbytes)

[Not supported on all systems]

Current working directory

The maintainer's email address as defined in ftpaccess

Remote hostname

Local hostname

Username as determined via RFC931 authentication

Username given at login time

Maximum allowed number of users in this class

Current number of users in this class

Absolute limit on disk blocks allocated

Preferred limit on disk blocks

Current block count

Maximum number of allocated inodes (+1)

Preferred inode limit fi-rr

Current number of allocated inodes

Time limit for excessive disk use

Time limit for excessive files Ratios

Uploaded bytes

Downloaded bytes

Upload/Download ratio (1:n)

Credit bytes

Time limit (minutes)

Elapsed time since login (minutes)

Time left

Upload limit

Download limit

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