Figure 101 Creating a CD or DVD using the Nautilus browser is made easy with the draganddrop features it provides

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The following sections describe X-CD-Roast, an additional CD/DVD creation tool as well as a number of other graphical clients for burning audio and data CDs.

An excellent Internet site for CD-related information is

The Gracenote CDDB Music Recognition Service licenses a database service to software developers so that they can include additional functionality in their application by accessing the database and having their application display information about the music CD, including the artist and song title, the CD's track list, and so on. The database server at will, when contacted by the appropriate software, identify the appropriate CD and send the information to be displayed locally. Many CD player applications provide this functionality. The service is interactive: If you have a CD that is not in the CDDB database, the website tells you how you can add the information to the database.

Each GUI application for burning CDs has different strengths and weaknesses. You should experiment with all the different graphical tools as well as try your hand at commandline burning and you will have a significantly richer multimedia experience with Ubuntu.


GnomeBaker (see Figure 10.2) is a handy CD/DVD burning application that is very powerful, yet easy to use. Although not installed by default, a quick sudo apt-get install gnomebaker will ensure that the correct packages are downloaded and installed onto your system.

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