Figure 103 XCDRoast is a CDDVD creation client for Ubuntu and it must be configured from the Setup dialog

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When you first start it, you will need to put sudo in front of the command so you can correctly configure X-CD-Roast. Once the first scan of the CD/DVD devices has been completed, it begins with a dialog warning you to enter the Setup dialog, which will be the only button presented to you in the next screen other than Exit. The application auto-detects your CD/DVD drive, but you must tell it which drive (if you have more than one) is the writing drive and select the users who are allowed to use the application. The dialogs for setting this information are straightforward and easy to follow. Make certain that you choose a default directory for temporary image storage that offers enough room to store several images.

The main X-CD-Roast menu offers you the choice to duplicate or create CDs or DVDs. The latter operation is shown in Figure 10.4.

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