Figure 21 To boot to an install using your Ubuntu CDROM or DVD set your BIOS to have your computer boot using its CD drive

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[Iain Advanced Secinritii Pcwer

PhocnixBIG^ Setup Utility



-"-Reoouable Ucu ices ♦Hsm Dr lue

HfitunrK hnnt frnia flMD fii^FttOft

Kegs used to uicu or configure devices: <Enter> eKpanda or collapses deuices uith d i or -

<Ctrl*Enter> expands all

(Shift r 1> enables or disables a Henice. <*> and <-> mnues thE device up ur duHii-<n> Hiiy nave renewable device between Hard BlsPt or Renouable Ulsii <d> Rebioue a deuice that is not inst-a I led -

Select Item Select Menut

Change UaJues Select S Suli-Menu

Setup Defaults Save and Exit


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