Figure 341 The Aptitude package manager is textbased but lets you use your mouse to access its menu bars

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Actions Lkufo Package Reseller Search Cations Views Help C-T: Menu ?: Help q: Quit u; Indole g: Dovmload/Irstoll/Removc Pfcgs

Packages titude 0.4.0 Will use of disk space DL size: 93

pi A tango - icon - theme - comn»n pi A ttf-gentium

31A ttf-laO

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\ Packages being deleted due to unsatisfied dependencies I|R1!H!R!R!(PH

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Packages to b? installed

-ei.AhEi 1.1, 5-Of-lu ■ 3060k B 2,0,1- Oubu ■«nones»

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You can at any time press ? to bring up a short list of common commands for Aptitude. The most popular commands are listed across the top, such as the Ctrl+T shortcut to get to the menu bars.

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