Figure 352 The make menuconfig utility a small improvement over make


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In make menuconfig, you use the arrow keys to move the selector up and down and the spacebar to toggle a selection. The Tab key moves the focus at the bottom of the screen to either Select, Exit, or Help.

If a graphical desktop is not available, menuconfig is the best you can do. However, both menuconfig and xconfig (see below) offer an improvement over editing the .config file directly. If you want to configure the kernel through a true graphical interfacewith mouse support and clickable buttonsmake xconfig is the best configuration utility option. To use this utility, you must have the X Window System running. The application xconfig is really nothing but a Tcl/Tk graphics widget set providing borders, menus, dialog boxes, and the like. Its interface is used to wrap around data files that are parsed at execution time. Figure 35.3 shows the main menu of xconfig for the 2.6.7 kernel.

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