Figure 39 Tread carefully One false move could obliterate your Windows partition Wait you wanted to do that

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■ Resize 5CS11 [Q-,0,0). partition #1 (ida) and me freed ipa:e| ; EfBSe #nt ire disl! SCSI 1 < 0.0 (ida] - 25a ,1GB ATA WDC WD2500JD -55H Manualiy e dit partition table

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Use the slider to choose how big you want your new partition to be. We recommend no less than 20GB, to give yourself plenty of breathing room on your hard drive. Click Forward to start the resizing process. This can take some time, so you may want to go off and read some more of this book to learn about what else you can do with Ubuntu.

Alternatively you might decide that you want to erase all the data on your disk and start from scratch. In our opinion, this is the easiest and fastest option. Regardless of whether you go for resizing or erasing all, you end up at the Ready to Install screen, where Ubuntu summarizes the information that you have given it so you can check it off. The final step is to click Install. After you do so, Ubuntu begins copying files across to your hard drive (see Figure 3.10).

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