Figure 49 Take the hard work out of importing digital images by configuring gnomevoiumeproperties to work the way you want

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Removable Drives and Media Preferences

Storage Mui;imedia Carr.eras PDAs Printers & Scanners input Devices

Digits] Camera i.-npoix digia'. pnoiographs when corrected ad

Qommand: gnome-volume-rnangger-gthumb v irowse.

Digits] Video Carrier .a

Edi: video when connected

X Close

Now when I connect my digital camera after a hard day's snapping, GNOME will detect its presence and launch F-Spot, ready for it to import my pictures directly into its library.

Other options include GNOME's behavior when removable drives (USB pen drives and the like) are connected, what to do in the event of a PDA or scanner being connected, and even more obscurely, what to do when a USB mouse is plugged in.


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Digital Cameras For Beginners

Digital Cameras For Beginners

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