Figure 71 The initial Add Remove Applications screen allows you to browse through packages sorted by groups

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| Show unsupported applications Q Show commercial applications

Quick Introduction

To install on application chick the be» next to the application, unChick the box to remove the apjjlrtati&n.

TO perform advanced t a sits use the Synaptic package manager. Click on the button. 'Advanced to laynth Synaptic.

Q Kelp Advanced

X Cancel

Along the left side of the screen, you will see the broad list of categories into which the applications have been divided. At the top, selected by default, is the All category, which lists every package that can be installed. The right side of the screen is split into two, with the upper portion providing the application list and the lower portion describing the currently selected application. The two halves are split by two check boxes: Show Unsupported Applications and Show Commercial Applications.

Installing some new software is as simple as finding it in the package list and checking its box. After you have selected all the applications you want, click Apply. You will be prompted to enter your password so that Ubuntu can install the software. Currently installed applications are already checked, and you can remove them by unchecking them and clicking Apply.

To search for a specific application in the list, type something into the Search box at the top. Note that this searches within the current category; so if you are in the Games category and search for "office," you will get no results. The best place to search is within the All category, to make sure you search all areas.


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