Figure 81 Mozilla Firefoxrediscover the Web Firefox allows you to add on numerous upgrades further enhancing your experience

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In Ubuntu you will find Firefox under the Applications, Internet menu at the top of your screen. An even simpler way to start Firefox is to click the small world icon next to the Actions menu. Either way, you will open Firefox.

Beyond the basic program are a wealth of plug-ins and extensions that can increase the capabilities of Firefox beyond simple web browsing. Plug-ins such as Shockwave Flash and Java are available to easily install, as are multimedia codecs for viewing video content, whereas extensions provide useful and sometimes humorous additions to the browsing experience. For example, ForecastFox is an extension that gives you your local weather conditions, and Bandwidth Tester is a tool that calculates your current bandwidth. A particular favorite is StumbleOn which is an extension that selects seemingly random webpages based on your stated preferences, but be warned as this can rapidly diminish your time for doing other things! As Firefox grows, so too will the extensions and plug-ins that you can use to enhance your browsing pleasure.

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