Figure 911 Use either the current selection or an external data source to provide the Data Pilot with information

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@ Current select

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Cancel welp

On the next screen, you can lay out your Data Pilot as you want it. In this example, we want to have Sales Person in the left column marked Row Fields, so click and drag the Sales Person option from the list on the right and drop it onto the Row Fields area. We also need to drag the Revenue option onto the Data Fields area to select that we want to see the consolidated revenues for each salesperson. Finally, we want to find out the average number of units sold by each salesperson, so drag the Units option onto the Data Fields area and double-click the button that appears. Select the Average function to specify that the number that appears should be a consolidated average. You should end up with something like Figure 9.12, and you are now almost ready to display your Data Pilot.

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