Figure 914 Abi Word is a word processing program for Ubuntu GNOME and X11 It handles some formats that Open Officeorg cannot but does not yet do well with Microsoft Word formats

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AbiWord is not installed by default in Ubuntu; instead, you need to use synaptic to retrieve it.

After Abiword has been retrieved and installed, it becomes available in the Applications menu, under the Office submenu. Simply click the icon to launch the application, or you can launch it from the command line, like this:

If you are familiar with Microsoft Works, the AbiWord interface will be familiar to you because its designers based the interface upon Works.

You can use the Gnumeric spreadsheet application to perform financial calculations and to graph data, as shown in Figure 9.15. It can import comma- or tab-separated files, text, or files in the Gnumeric XML format, saving files only as XML or text. To launch Gnumeric from the menu, choose Office, More Office Applications, and then Gnumeric Spreadsheet. You can also launch the spreadsheet editor from the command line, as follows:

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