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Figure 9.4 also shows a set of options specific to Writer. From top to bottom, they are as follows • General Specify options that affect the general use of Writer

• View Specify what you want Writer to display

• Formatting Aids Specify whether you want to see nonprinting characters

• Grid Create a grid that you can use to snap frames and images in place

• Basic Fonts Select your default fonts for your document here

• Print Specify exactly what you want Writer to output when you print your document

• Table Set options for drawing tables within Writer

• Changes Define how Writer handles when it records changes to documents

• Compatibility A set of rules that Writer uses to ensure close compatibility with earlier versions of Writer

• AutoCaption Create automatic captions for images, charts, and other objects

• Email Mail Merge Use Writer to create an email template that you can use to send a form letter to multiple contacts

A little bit of time working through these options can give you a highly personalized and extremely productive environment.

Working with Styles and Formatting

One of the significant benefits of using Writer is the ability to easily apply formatting and styles to extremely complex documents. Depending on the type of documents you work with, you might want to consider creating your own styles beyond the 20 included by default. Styles can be accessed either by the Style drop-down box in the toolbar, or by the Styles and Formatting window shown in Figure 9.5. If you cannot see the window, press the F11 key to display it.

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