FTP Sessions with Konqueror and Nautilus

Both KDE and GNOME file browsers have integrated FTP functionality built in. Use an ftp:// URL followed by a server name or IP address to start an anonymous FTP session. The drag-and-drop feature of KDE and the GNOME window manager allow users to select remote files and drag them to the desktop.

KDE's Konqueror web browser is capable of handling a number of networking and file transfer protocols, including FTP. You can configure various setting for this browser, such as the appearance of the browser's toolbar, but one of Konqueror's best features is its flexibility for file transfers.

Start the browser by clicking its icon on the KDE's kicker desktop panel or by typing the following at the command line:

$ konqueror &

After launching the client, you can use the ftp:// URL form to access remote servers, as shown in Figure 23.2.

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