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-a logical comparison operators a2p filters

AbiWord word processing program (GNOME Office)

ac command access

Apache Server file systems, controlling 2nd file permissions, changing via chmod shell command access control directives (ftpaccess configuration file), Wu-FTPd server configuration blocking host's server access defining user classes limiting anonymous user access number of invalid password entries permissions based on individual ID restricting number of users in classes permissions based on Group IDs access points, wireless network security

ACID (Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability), database compliance comparisons ACL (access control lists), Squid proxy server

ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface), Ubuntu power management actions (PHP loops) add-on postfixes add-on prefixes

Add/Remove Applications, software management address-based virtual hosts administrator privileges, accessing

ADSL modems adsl-stop command afio backup software alias command aliases, myenv shell script allow directive (Apache Server)

AllowOverrides configuration directive (Apache Server)

ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) sound card drivers alsamixer command 2nd

Amanda backup application amdump command

American Registry for Internet Numbers website ampersand (&)

&& (double ampersand) number comparison operators shell background processing AMTP

AND statements (SQL)

anon mkdir write enable setting (vstfpd server anonymous access control) anon other write enable setting (vstfpd server anonymous access control) anon upload enable setting (vstfpd server anonymous access control) anon world readable only setting (vstfpd server anonymous access control) anonymous access control (vsftpd server)

anonymous enable setting (vstfpd server anonymous access control) anonymous FTP servers authenticated servers versus configuring AOL (America Online) Apache Group website Apache Server development of documentation websites downloading dynamic content 2nd file systems access control 2nd authentication installing file locations from APT Internet security logging mod access module mod alias module mod asis module mod auth module mod auth anon module mod auth dbm module mod auth digest module mod autoindex module mod cgi module mod dir module mod env module mod expires module mod headers module mod include module mod info module mod log config module mod mime module mod mime magic module mod negotiation module mod proxy module mod rewrite module mod setenvif module mod sll module mod speling module mod status module mod unique id module mod userdir module mod usertrack module mod vhost alias module optimizing quick start guide runtime configuration configuration directives httpd.conf configuration file MPM

security report websites source code, building starting/stopping upgrading, file locations usage statistics version information virtual hosting Apache Software Foundation apachectl command append operators application development (Ubuntu deployment plans) Applications menu, Add/Remove Applications apropos command 2nd APT (Advanced Package Tool)

Apache Server installations Aptitude configuring deb file storage dpkg command software management day-to-day usage finding software apt-cache search tool apt-get command 2nd apt-get dist-upgrade command apt-get remove command apt-get-install command apt-get-update command Aptitude ar (GNU archive development tool)

arch directory (/usr/src/linux-2.6 directory)

ark backup tool ark command array functions (PHP)

arrays 2nd arsort() array function as (GNU assembler)

ascii command, FTP text-based client interface asort() array function assigning

FTP user permissions values to shell script variables strings in Python asterisk (*) Python shell pattern-matching searches wildcards at command, scheduling tasks ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface) ATI graphics cards atime (files), disabling atq command, viewing batch job numbers atrm command, deleting batch jobs attached printers [See local printers.] audio music players Real Player website streaming authenticated FTP servers authentication

Apache Server file systems PAM

AuthGroupFile directive (Apache Server) AuthName directive (Apache Server) AuthType directive (Apache Server) AuthUserFile directive (Apache Server) autoconf (GNU configuration script generator) autoconf utility (C/C++ programming) autohacking automating tasks scheduling tasks at command batch command cron daemon shell scripts

#! (shebang lines) built-in variables 2nd built-in variables, viewing commands as environment variables executing positional parameters reasons for using special characters, list of storing for systemwide access testing trojan scripts user variables variables writing shells backslashes (/) as escape characters backticks ('), replacing strings with output changing command line 2nd Fedora Core shells list job-control commands maintaining shell strings with unexpanded variables man pages resolving variables in strings with embedded spaces system services bootup operation changing runlevels controlling at boot manually starting/stopping troubleshooting runlevels autoresponders (email) .avi video file format Ax, shell pattern-matching searches



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