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-d file comparison operators 2nd daemons cupsd mail smbd data directories MySQL PostgreSQL integrity, database comparisons locking, database comparisons loss, reasons for mirroring retrieving from SQL databases storage, RDBMS databases access/permission issues administration clients client/server model command-line clients local GUI database access middleware

MySQL command-line clients MySQL graphical clients PostgreSQL command-line client SSH database access web database access comparisons ACID compliance data integrity data locking procedural languages speed

SQL subqueries triggers DBAs flat file MySQL adding user accounts command-line clients creating data directory ownership granting/revoking privileges graphical clients initializing data directories initializing grant tables installing privileges root user passwords PostgreSQL creating databases creating/deleting database users exiting psql command-line client granting/revoking privileges initializing data directories installing RPM distribution starting postmaster program RDBMS data storage SQL basics table relations date command, resetting date settings date/time resets

DBAs (database administrators) dd command 2nd deb files Debian debugging C/C++ declarations (PHP loops) deleting batch jobs directories via rm shell command files via rm shell command PostgreSQL database users root account users Dell Computers website, preinstalled Linux systems deny directive (Apache Server) dependency checking depmod command, modular kernel management description field (ftpconversions file) designer graphical prototyping tool (Trolltech) desktop environments


C/C++ programming 2nd File Roller

Nautilus web browser, FTP sessions optimizing KDE ark backup tool C/C++ programming 2nd kdat backup tool

Konqueror web browser, configuring for Squid proxy server Konqueror web browser, FTP sessions optimizing Xcfe desktops, customizing destructor methods (Python) /dev directory development releases (kernel) versus stable kernels device drivers

Device section (xorg.conf configuration file) devices.txt files df command dhclient command dhclient configuration options DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) activating at boot time activating at installation advantages/disadvantages of dhclient DHCP Server dhcpd.conf files identifying information pairs IP address registration LAN leases NT servers server configuration DHCP Handbook website, The dhcpd.conf files

Dia diagram creation program (GNOME Office)

dial-up Internet connections, configuring manually dial-up logins [See shell accounts.]

dictionaries (Python)

die function (Perl)

digital cameras digital images, managing directives

Apache Server runtime configuration SSI directories /usr/share/doc changing via cd shell command compressing, tar command-line backup software creating via mkdir shell command deleting via rm shell command files, listing via ls shell command Linux file system /bin /boot /dev /etc /home





/var basic directories list listing contents of root layouts, viewing permissions structures, copying Directorylndex configuration directive (Apache Server) dirlist enable setting (vsftpd server default settings) dirmessage enable setting (vsftpd server default settings) disabling atime files, file system optimization SSH1 in SSH servers disaster recovery plans disk quotas 2nd disk usage, printing via du shell command display banners display managers 2nd distribution systems dmesq command troubleshooting Ubuntu configurations Ubuntu installation DN (distinguished names) do, until loops do, while loops 2nd documentation

/usr/share/doc directory commands, finding HOWTO documents HTML files, browsing man pages software packages Documentation directory (/usr/src/linux-2.6 directory) DocumentRoot configuration directive (Apache Server) Don Becker's Linux Ethercard Status, Diagnostic and Setup Utilities website DOOM 3 (game) dotted decimal format double ampersand (&&) number comparison operators double equal sign (==) string comparison operators double pipe (||) number comparison operators double quotes ("), resolving variables in shell strings with embedded spaces download enable setting (vsftpd server default settings)


Apache Server websites for offline reading dpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg configuration tool dpkg command

Draw graphics program ( drives


Removable Drives and Media DROP USER statement (PostgreSQL) dropdb command (PostgreSQL) dropuser command (PostgreSQL) 2nd DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) du shell command dual-boot Ubuntu installations dual-core machines dual-host no-NIC networks dumb gateways [See bridges.] dummy interfaces durability (ACID), database compliance comparisons DVD drives dvd+rw-tools 2nd DVD+RW/-RW drives DVDs burning

GnomeBaker software packet writing Serpentine software session writing X-CD-Roast software DVD+RW, rewritability limits formats of

HOWTO documents players

Preformatted DVD storage capacity Ubuntu installations 2nd dvgrap utility dynamic content (Apache Server)

flow control

dynamic IP addresses dynamic links, dependency errors



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