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-x file comparison operators 2nd X protocol X Window System

/usr directory, subdirectories of components of desktop environments GNOME KDE Xfce display managers distribution components dpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg configuration tool hard drive requirements starting display managers startx command usage example Window Managers X protocol

Xorg configuration tool xorg.conf configuration file Device section Files section InputDevice section location of Module section Monitor section Screen section ServerLayout section X Window System websites X-CD-Roast CD/DVD burning software X-Chat IRC client x-x shell pattern-matching searches X11R7 [See X Window System ] XBitHack directive (Apache Server) xbm graphics file format xcdroast

Xclients-default files, user login process overview xdm (Xorg display manager), starting X Window System XDMCP (X Display Manager Control Protocol) Xfce desktop

Xfce desktop environment

XFree86 Project, Inc. website

Ximian Evolution email client

Xine media player 2nd xmkmf shell script

Xmms music player 2nd

Xorg configuration tool xorg.conf configuration file xosview client, monitoring graphical processes

.xpm graphics file format

Xsane scanner application 2nd

Xubuntu xwd Unix screenshot tool xxx shell pattern-matching searches



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