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-f file comparison operators 2nd F-Spot faxes, troubleshooting fclose() file function

FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) networks fdisk command, Ubuntu installation Fedora Core, business-related features Fetchmail MDA (mail delivery agents) FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) fiber optic devices cable NIC

file command, determining file compression methods file get contents() file function file put contents() file function File Roller file systems Linux /bin directory /boot directory /dev directory /etc directory /home directory /proc directory /sbin directory /tmp directory /usr directory /var directory basic directories list directory contents. listing FHS layout of navigating root directory layouts. viewing searches optimizing sync command files backup. restoring from comparisons (comparison of expression) 2nd compression/decompression contents, printing via cat shell command conversion, configuring FTP server fileconversion actions copying cp command cp shell command FTP

mc command-line file management software multiple files between servers remote files remote servers rsync command rtools scp command SFTP

tar command-line backup software uucp with scp current directory, listing in via ls shell command deleting via rm shell command formats graphics sound 2nd video/TV handles linking via ln shell command moving via mkdir shell command paging through output via less shell command permissions access, changing changing default, viewing user accounts PHP functions printing last lines via tail shell command recovery remote files, copying searches find shell command locate shell command sharing NFS Samba transfers undeleting

Files section (xorg.conf configuration file)

filesize() file function find command 2nd 3rd find2per utility finding commands 2nd finger command, displaying user information

Firefox (Mozilla) 2nd 3rd firewalls configuring 2nd hosts as FireWire (IEEE-1394) drives Flash plug-in (Macromedia) flastmod directive (SSI) flat file databases flexbackup backup software floating-point numeric values (Python) floppy disks backups, dd command floppy-based Linux distribution websites system boots flow control (Apache Server dynamic content) fonts (system), customizing fopen() file function for loops Perl Python for statements foreach loops 2nd formatting spreadsheets, Calc spreadsheet program ( Styles and Formatting tool (Writer word processing program) forwarding email with aliases, Postfix MTA fpthosts file, allowing/denying FTP server connections fread() file function free command free utility, displaying free/used memory FROM clauses, SELECT statements fsize directive (SSI) fstab files

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

copying files

graphics-based client interface gFTP

Konqueror web browser (KDE) Nautilus web browser (GNOME) servers administration via Wu-FTP servers allowing/denying connections via ftphosts file commands anonymous servers 2nd authenticated servers

Bsdftpd-ssl servers configuration file backups configuring file-conversion actions editing server files

NcFTPd servers quick installation strip postfixes strip prefixes vsftpd servers 2nd wu-ftp servers 2nd software, installing text-based client interface commands list ftp command-based sessions Iftp command file transfers info pages wget command file transfers Ubuntu installation user passwords version information, hiding ftp command

FTP text-based client interface sessions SSH servers ftpaccess configuration file editing ftpusers file

Wu-FTPd servers, configuring access control directives cdpath directed commands permission control directives shutdown file structures system logging directives user information directives ftpconversions file 2nd ftpcopy command ftpcount command ftpcp command ftphosts Wu-FTPd server configuration files ftprestart command 2nd ftpshut command

FTP servers, scheduling downtime magic cookies ftpusers file ftpwho command full backup strategies on periodic basis tar command-line backup software with incremental backups functions Perl die use function PHP array functions file functions isset()

PCRE functions string functions unset() var dump() Python shell scripts fwrite() file function



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