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packet writing (DVD burning)

PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)

Pan news client parted command, Ubuntu installation partitions notebooks

Ubuntu installation 2nd 3rd passive command passwd command 2nd passwd files passwords /etc/passwd fil batches, changing in bootloaders brute-forcing FTP users GRUB

LDAP root users, assigning to MySQL root users

PostgreSQL database users, creating remote computer logins security shadow 2nd system password policies Ubunbtu installation usernames patch command patch utility patched kernels patches (network security) PATH (shell environment variable) pattern-matching [See also wildcard searches ] .pbm graphics file format pci=biosirg command, hard disk optimization PCMCIA

PCRE (Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions)

pcregrep utility

.pcx graphics file format

.pdf file format, reading HOWTO documents in pdksh shell comparison of expression file comparisons logical comparisons number comparisons string comparisons select statements test command file comparisons logical comparisons number comparisons string comparisons PEAR::DB (PHP) Penggy website, AOL service performance tuning Apache Server file systems

GNOME desktop environment hard disks benchmarks BIOS adjustments file system adjustments hdparm command KDE desktop environment Linux kernel MySQL measuring key buffer usage query caches query optimization read buffers table caches SQL statements Perl appeal of code examples command-line processing one-liners posting to Usenet purging logs sending email command-line errors conditional statements development of functions die use looping constructs modules installing CPAN modules Mail::Sendmail standard modules list, accessing operators perldoc command perlfunc document, accessing regular expressions sendmail command shebang (#!) shell access simple programming example string constants system logging variables versions of perlcc (Perl compiler) perldoc (Perl documentation reader utility) perldoc command perlfunc document permission control directives (ftpaccess configuration file), Wu-FTPd server configuration permissions assigning directories fijte access, changing via chmod shell command changing user accounts viewing default FTP users, assigning for OpenLDAP files SGID SUID

user, assigning to root accounts pg ctl command (PostgreSQL) pgaccess command (PostgreSQL) .pgm graphics file format Photoshop versus GIMP PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) arrays 2nd backreferencing comments conditional statements constants development of dynamic content in Apache Server entering/exiting escape sequences functions array file isset() string unset() var dump() HTML forms, handling include keyword loops manual page URL

operators execution operators list of ternary operators PCRE functions PEAR::DB (PHP) references resources strings defining functions variable substitution switch/case blocks variables arrays resources types of variable substitution phpgroupware phpLDAPadmin administration tool

PHProjekt physical security

PID (process ID)

console-based monitoring Squid proxy server pine directory format (email) pipes (|)

bar operators double pipe (||)

number comparison operators string concatenation function Planner project management program (GNOME Office) 2nd pmake command .png graphics file format .pnm graphics file format poff command, disconnecting dial-up connections pointing device techniques (virtual consoles) pon command, configuring dial-up connections manually POP (Post Office Protocol) ports TCP/IP uplink positional arguments positional parameters Postfix MTA (mail transport agent) configuring forwarding email with aliases masquerading message delivery intervals, setting relaying mail smart hosts PostgreSQL

access/permission issues command-line client options data directories, initializing data locking website databases clients creating users, creating/deleting double pipe (||) string concatenation function installing

MySQL comparisons postmaster program privileges, granting/revoking psql command-line client RPM distribution website

PostScript, reading HOWTO documents in power management (Ubuntu) PowerPC-based Linux distribution websites PPC (Power PC) platforms .ppm graphics file format

PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol), dial-up Internet connections pppconfig command, configuring dial-up connections manually PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) precompiled kernels Preferred Applications prefork MPM (multiprocessing module), Apache Server configuration preg match all() PCRE function preg match() PCRE function preg replace() PCRE function preinstaiied Linux system vendor websites preiogin banners print server daemons printcap files printenv command, printing environment variables printenv directive (SSI)

[printers! section (/etc/samba/smb.conf files)

printing adding printers to systems command location via top shell command cupsd print server daemon defined printers database disk usage via du shell command driver/printer support cross-reference websites file contents via cat shell command gnome-cups-manager printer configuration client 2nd gs client 2nd

jobs, defining last lines of files via tail shell command local printers 2nd network printers printer commands printer services queues, defining remote printers resource usage via top shell command troubleshooting priority scheduling privileges elevation of (user accounts) changing UID

controlling via restricted shells granting root privileges on occasion MySQL

PostgreSQL, granting/revoking in /proc directory procedural languages, database comparisons Process Listing view (System Monitor) processes, listing via ps shell command Procmail MDA (mail delivery agents) productivity suites GNOME Office AbiWord word processing program Balsa mail client Dia diagram creation program Evolution mail client GIMP

Gnumeric spreadsheet program Planner project management program 2nd Hancome Office KOffice

Office (Microsoft), compatibility

Base database program

Calc spreadsheet program 2nd configuring development of

Draw graphics program

Impress presentation program installing

Math formula editing program Office (Microsoft) compatibility website

Writer word processing program WordPerfect Office 2000 promiscuous mode (NIC) 2nd prompt command, FTP text-based client interface proxy servers defining Squid ACL

client configuration configuration examples installing kill-SIGHUP command specifying client IP addresses uses of ps shell command psql client program, PostgreSQL database creation psql command (PostgreSQL)

psql command-line client purging logs, Perl coding example put command, FTP text-based client interface

PVR (personal video recorders)

PWD (shell environment variable)

PXE (Pre-Boot Execution Environment)

Python asterisk (*) operator conditional statements dictionaries functions installing interactive interpreter lists loops number-handling OOP

plus sign (+) operator scripts, executing standard library modules strings unofficial scripts/add-ons websites van Rossum, Guido



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