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-n string expression operators name-based virtual hosts nano command nano text editor

NAS (Network Attached Storage)

NAT (network address translation) [See IP (Internet Protocol), masquerading ] Nautilus Web browser (GNOME)

CD burning FTP sessions ncftp servers

-ne number comparison operators nedit text editor needs assessments (backups)

Nessus, system vulnerability assessments nested lists

NetBoot netmasks 2nd netpbm tools netstat network configuration tool Network Manager, configuring wireless networks network-admin network configuration tool 2nd 3rd networks bridges broadcast addressing cable configuration files configuration tools ifconfig netstat network-admin 2nd 3rd route connections, troubleshooting DHCP activating advantages/disadvantages of dhclient DHCP Server dhcpd.conf files identifying information pairs leases server configuration disaster recovery plans distribution systems dual-host no-NIC networks FDDI hubs initializing hardware editing /etc/modprobe.conf files manually loading kernel module multicast addressing netmasks NIC

printers CUPS GUI LAN, enabling on SMB printing routers security backups bridges firewalls passwords patches/upgrades physical security Tripwire security tool updates storage subnetting switches TCP/IP

unicast addressing uplink ports web resources wireless advantages of choosing available protocols configuring encryption support for newsgroups newsreaders next statements (Perl) NFS (Network File System) client configuration installing server configuration starting/stopping Ubuntu installation NIC (network interface cards)

1000BASE-T 1000BASE-X 100BASE-T 10BASE-T

fiber optic multicasting mode promiscuous mode 2nd token rings troubleshooting nice command Nmap

NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) noatun video viewer 2nd nohup command, running programs after logging out notebooks partitioning PCMCIA NT servers, DHCP number type conversions (Python) numeric comparisons expressions 2nd Perl operators list numeric operators (Python) Nvidia graphics cards



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