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background processing backgrounds (desktop), changing backreferencing backslashes (/) as escape characters backticks ( ), replacing strings with output backups as security configuration files 2nd consultants data loss, reasons for dd command floppy disks frequency of, determining FIP configuration files full backups incremental backup strategy for tar command-line backup software hard drive partitions hardware

CD-RW drives

FireWire (IEEE-1394) drives

solid-state drives tape drives USB drives Zip drives incremental backups full backup strategies with tar command-line backup software kernel levels of MBR

needs assessments resources, availability of restoring files from software afio

Amanda backup application ark cdbackup File Roller flexbackup kdat tar sound practices strategies choosing evaluating home user strategies inheriting large enterprise strategies mirroring data principles of RAID arrays small enterprise strategies small office strategies badblocks command, file system optimization bak file extensions

Balsa email client (GNOME Office) 2nd banners display banners prelogin banners Banshee CD ripping software bar operator (|)

Base database program ( bash (Bourne Again SHells) 2nd 3rd comparison of expression file comparisons logical comparisons number comparisons string comparisons test command file comparisons logical comparisons number comparisons string comparisons batch command, scheduling tasks Battle for Wesnoth (game) beep codes

Behlendorf, Ben, Apache Server development benchmarks, hard disk optimization beta testing bin command, FTP text-based client interface /bin directory, essential commands /bin/netstat network configuration tool /bin/sh files, user login process overview BIOS (Basic Input Output System) beep codes boot loading process, initiating hard disk optimization Ubuntu installation .bmp graphics file format /boot directory boot loaders boot loading process, initiating



booting system services to nondefault runlevel dual-boot Ubuntu configurations installing passwords system boots initiating LILO

passwords BootMagic Bootp protocol break keyword (Python), controlling loops break statements 2nd bridges 2nd broadcast addressing browsers (Web) Epiphany Konqueror Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Suite brute-forcing Bsdftpd-ssl servers Bt series video chipsets (Brooktree) BugTraq mailing list built-in variables (shell scripts) 2nd bunzip2 command burning CDs command-line burns

GnomeBaker software

IDE drives emulating as SCSI drives

ISO images lun

Nautilus file browser overburning website Serpentine software X-CD-Roast software DVDs GnomeBaker software packet writing Serpentine software session writing X-CD-Roast software bye command, FTP text-based client interface Bynari bzDisk directive, kernel compilation bzImage directive, kernel compilation bzip2 command bzip2 utility

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