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LAME libraries

LAN (Local Area Networks)


network printing, enabling security

LANG (shell environment variable) laptops

Linux informational websites PCMCIA

WinModem configurations last command last statements (Perl)

LD LIBRARY PATH (shell environment variable) LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

adding people to CN 2nd DN

email clients functions of ldapadd command ldapsearch command LDIF

nonspecific searches OpenLDAP file permissions management tools phpLDAPadmin administration tool root users assigning passwords to defining server configuration slappasswd tool ldapadd command ldapsearch command LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format) -le number comparison operators leases legacy printers, troubleshooting less command 2nd plain-text files, reading software package documentation less than (>) number comparison operators

LILO (Linux Loader) 2nd linking files via ln shell command


distribution websites Documentation Project website file system /bin directory /boot directory /dev directory /etc directory /home directory /proc directory /sbin directory /tmp directory /usr directory /var directory basic directories list FHS layout of listing directory contents navigating root directory layouts searches guides

Hardware HOWIO website kernel optimizing security, sysctl command shebang (#!) lines Laptop website

Linux-USB device over website website manual pages security

SMP HOWIO website software modem support users, types of video/TV, viewing in viruses

Zaurus PDA websites Listen configuration directive (Apache Server) listings ftphosts configuration file purging log files lists built-in methods copying mutability nested lists operator overloading

Python in command 2nd local logins iocai printers 2nd iocaihost interfaces locate command 2nd iocking data, database comparisons LogFormat statement (Apache Server), variables of logical comparisons (comparison of expression) 2nd logins

Apache Server dial-up [See shell accounts.] Perl sessions keyboard and mouse techniques local logins logging out of remote computer logins text-based console logins user accounts, process overview logs purging (Perl coding example) system logs, controlling iogwatch command iokkit command, firewall configuration long integers (Python) loop blocks (Python) ioopback addressing ioopback interfaces [See iocaihost interfaces] loops actions (PHP loops) do, until loops do, while loops 2nd endless loops for loops Perl Python foreach loops 2nd infinite loops 2nd loop blocks (Python) looping constructs (Perl) multiline loops until loops (Perl) while loops Perl Python lost data, reasons for LPRng, enabling network printing on LAN is command 2nd 3rd lsmod command, modular kernel management isusb command

-it number comparison operators

LUG (Linux Users Groups) lun (logical unit numbers)



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