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-s file comparison operators s2p filters

Samba connection status reports installing manual configuration via /etc/samba/smb.con files mounting shares

SMB protocol smbd daemon, starting

SWAI 2nd testing via testparm command SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) software package /sbin directory, essential commands /sbin/ifconfig network configuration tool /sbin/route network configuration tool scalars (Perl) scanners GIMP Kooka 2nd SANE


Ubuntu supported scanners list website

Xsane schedulers [See cupsd print server daemon] scheduling

FIP server downtime tasks

Schwartzian Transforms scp command copying files SSH servers screen (monitor) image captures resolution, changing scrolling contents screen command 2nd

Screen section (xorg.conf configuration file) screenrc files, user login process overview ScriptAlias directive (Apache Server) scripts directory (/usr/src/linux-2.6 directory)

SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)

disk drivers drive emulators searches files find shell command index searches via locate shell command input strings via grep shell command Linux file system pattern-matching shell Web security

Apache Server Internet security security report websites autohacking backups bootloaders bridges data integrity, database comparisons data locking, database comparisons disaster recovery plans external computer attacks, defining firewalls 2nd

FTP users, passwords internal computer attacks, defining key-based logins

Linux kernel, sysctl command virus protection networks patches/upgrades physical security NIC, Promiscuous mode passwords bootloaders brute-forcing FTP users MySQL root users PostgreSQL database user creation remote servers tcpdump command, promiscuous mode Tripwire security tool Ubuntu deployment plans updates 2nd virus scanners vulnerability assessments wireless networks 2nd Security Focus website sed text editor

SELECT statements (SQL) 2nd sendmail command (Perl)

Sendmail MTA (mail transport agent)

serial-port modems, detecting/configuring

Serpentine CD/DVD burning software

ServerAdmin configuration directive (Apache Server)

ServerLayout section (xorg.conf configuration file)

ServerName configuration directive (Apache Server)

ServerRoot configuration directive (Apache Server)

servers [See individual server entries.]

sessions virtual consoles writing (DVD burning) set directive (SSI)

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), copying files sftp command, SSH servers SGID (set group ID) permissions sh shell shadow passwords 2nd shar command 2nd shebang (#!) 2nd

SHELL (shell environment variable) shell accounts

SHELL lines (/etc/crontab files) shells access via Perl bash 2nd 3rd backslashes (/) as escape characters backticks ('), replacing strings with output 2nd basic commands list break statements case statements cat command cd command changing 2nd chmod command command line background processing input/output redirection job-control commands pattern-matching pipes 2nd positional parameters commands, combining comparison of expression cp command du command endless loops environment variables exit statements Fedora Core shells list file compression/decompression file management find command for statements grep command if statements job-control commands ksh less command lN command locate command ls command man command man(ual) pages mkdir command mv command navigating pdksh 2nd positional arguments positional parameters ps command reasons for using repeat statements restricted shells, elevation of privileges rm command rsh screen command scripts built-in variables 2nd commands as defining environment variables executing functions mail application (UNIX) positional parameters reasons for using shebang (#!) lines special characters, list of startx command tasks, automating testing trojan scripts user variables variables writing searches select statements sh shift statements strings embedded spaces, resolving variables in unexpanded variables, maintaining tail command tcsh 2nd 3rd 4th top command until statements which command while statements zsh shift statements shortcuts (keyboards) shred command shuffle() array function shutdown command 2nd single quotes ('), maintaining shell strings with unexpanded variables

Skolnick, Cliff, Apache Server development slappasswd tool website slice: copying lists in Python slices (sequences)

slrn news client small enterprise backup strategies small office backup strategies smart gateways [See routers.]

smart hosts, Postfix MTA

SMB (Session Message Blocking) protocol 2nd smbclient command, Samba connections smbd daemon smbstatus command, Samba connection status reports

SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) 2nd sockets soft links [See symlinks] software backups afio

Amanda backup application ark cdbackup File Roller flexbackup kdat tar documentation FTP software, installing managing Add/Remove Applications APT Synaptic tarballs

Update Manager modems, Linux support repositories, configuring solid-state drives sound file formats 2nd music players recording streaming audio sound cards

Sound Juicer CD ripping software sound-juicer source code (kernel) in /usr/src/linux-2.6 directory source tree (kernel), makefiles sourceforge website sox command 2nd

Spamassassin MDA (mail delivery agents)

speed, database comparisons splint (C source file checker)

splint command (C/C++ programming)

split() method, Python lists spreadsheets

Calc spreadsheet program ( KSpread spreadsheet program (KOffice) SQL (Structured Query Language) AND statements commands, whitespace CREATE statements databases, retrieving data from INSERT statements is not equal (!=) symbol optimizing statements OR statements reserved keywords SELECT statements subqueries, database comparisons tables

WHERE statements Squid proxy server

client configuration client IP addresses, specifying configuration examples installing kill-SIGHUP command Squirrelmail MDA (mail delivery agents) ssh (Secure Shell) clients, remote computer logins SSH servers

SSI (Server Side Includes)

directives dynamic content (Apache Server) stable kernels versus kernel development releases standard FTP servers [See authenticated FTP servers.] startx command 2nd static IP addresses storage data in RDBMS

deb files, APT

shell scripts for systemwide access stored devices, viewing strings in shell script variables str replace() string function streaming audio streaming video strings comparison of expression 2nd Perl comparison operators list constants PHP defining in functions variable substitution Python assigning value in built-in methods concatenating in immutable sequences indexing in repeating in searches, grep shell command storing in shell script variables strip postfixes strip prefixes strlen() string function strpos() string function

Styles and Formatting tool (Writer word processing program)

su command, changing user account identities sublevel number section (kernel)

Subnet masks [See netmasks]

subnetting subqueries (SQL), database comparisons substr() string function sudo command root accounts assigning user permissions enabling root privileges, granting on occasion Ubuntu configurations SUID (set user ID) permissions Sun ONE Web server super-user accounts [See root accounts] support websites commercial technical .svg graphics file format SWAT (Samba Web Administration Tool) 2nd switch/case blocks (PHP) switches

Sylpheed-claws email client symbolic debuggers symbolic links (kernel), changing symlinks

SYN Stealth scans (Nmap) Synaptic installed packages list, viewing software management sync command, file system synchronization sysctl command

Linux kernel optimization Linux kernel security sysrq.txt files system administrator privileges, accessing system and peripheral inventory checklist (Ubuntu installation) system boots from generic floppy disks system fonts, customizing system jobs, editing system logging 2nd 3rd System Monitor, Process Listing view system passwords system rescue system services boot, controlling at bootup, operation at booting to default runlevel booting to nondefault runlevel booting to runlevel init scripts initiating boot loading process loading Linux kernel runlevels changing troubleshooting starting/stopping system state, defining system users system-config-kickstart configuration tool, Ubuntu installation system-config-soundcard system-monitoring console-based monitoring disk quotas free/used memory, displaying graphical processes hidden processes, viewing kill command priority scheduling



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