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.m3u file format, streaming audio MACHINE (shell environment variable) magic cookies ftpshut command list of shutdown file magic cookies list mail application (UNIX email client) sending messages shell scripting Mail::Sendmail module (Perl) maildir directory format (email) Mailscanner virus scanner website major version section (kernel) make bzImage command, kernel compilation make clean command, kernel compilation make command 2nd 3rd make config utility, kernel configuration make dep command, kernel compilation make install command, kernel compilation make menuconfig utility, kernel configuration make modules command, kernel compilation make modules install command, kernel compilation make utility, documentation website make xconfig utility, kernel configuration makefiles 2nd man command 2nd man(ual) pages accessing commands, finding cupsd.conf graphics reading via man shell command managing group accounts LDAP

modular kernels power, ACPI software Add/Remove Applications API Synaptic tarballs

Update Manager user accounts /etc/passwd adding users command-line tools creating usernames monitoring user activity password security passwords, changing in batches shadow passwords system password policies manual system service starting/stopping

MARC (Mailing listARChives) website, troubleshooting kernel errors masquerading Postfix MTA

Math formula editing program (

math operators (Perl)

max clients setting (vsftpd server default settings) max per ip setting (vsftpd server default settings) mbox directory format (email) MBR (Master Boot Record)

backups boot loading process, initiating copying restoring mc (Midnight Commander) command-line file management software copying files file recovery mc command mcedit text editor MDA (mail delivery agents) choosing defining Fetchmail Procmail Spamassassin Squirrelmail virus scanners media players 2nd meminfo files, viewing contents of memory (free/used), displaying methods (Python) class methods constructor methods destructor methods lists string methods mget command, FTP text-based client interface 2nd Microsoft Exchange Server middleware, database clients as migration (Ubuntu) mikmod

MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)

mini-CD Linux distribution websites minor version section (kernel)

mirroring data mkbootdisk command mkdir shell command mke2fs-S command, file recovery mkinitrd command mkisofs command 2nd

.mng graphics file format mobile computing mod access module (Apache Server) mod alias module (Apache Server) mod asis module (Apache Server) mod auth module (Apache Server) mod auth anon module (Apache Server) mod auth dbm module (Apache Server) mod auth digest module (Apache Server) mod autoindex module (Apache Server) mod cgi module (Apache Server) mod dir module (Apache Server) mod env module (Apache Server) mod expires module (Apache Server) mod headers module (Apache Server) mod include module (Apache Server) mod info module (Apache Server) mod log config module (Apache Server) mod mime module (Apache Server) mod mime magic module (Apache Server) mod negotiation module (Apache Server) mod proxy module (Apache Server) mod rewrite module (Apache Server) mod setenvif module (Apache Server) mod speling module (Apache Server) mod ssl module (Apache Server) mod status module (Apache Server) mod unique id module (Apache Server) mod userdir module (Apache Server) mod usertrack module (Apache Server) mod vhost alias module (Apache Server) modems controllerless detecting/configuring serial-port modems modinfo command, modular kernel management modprobe command manually loading kernel modules modular kernel management modprobe.conf files modular kernels

/etc/modprobe.conf files loading modules managing

Module section (xorg.conf configuration file) modules loading Perl installing from CPAN Mail::Sendmail standard modules list Python standard library modules monitor image captures resolution, changing scrolling contents Monitor section (xorg.conf configuration file) monitoring user activity (user accounts) mono project website monolithic kernels motherboards, Ubuntu installation mount command mounting Samba shares Ubuntu installation mouse configurations 2nd mov video file format moving files via mkdir shell command Mozilla Firefox 2nd 3rd Mozilla Mail email client Mozilla Suite Mozilla Thunderbird email client 2nd news client

.MP3 files, ogg file format conversion website .MPEG files

Fedora support streaming audio video

MPlayer video viewer

MPM (multiprocessing modules), Apache Server configuration mput command, FTP text-based client interface MTA (mail transfer agents)

choosing defining

Exim mbox email directory format pine directory format Postfix configuring forwarding email with aliases masquerading message delivery intervals, setting relaying mail smart hosts Qmail

Sendmail MUA (mail user agents) 2nd multi-session CDs multicast addressing multicasting mode (NIC) multidimensional arrays multiple class inheritance (Python) music players Rhythmbox 2nd Xmms 2nd mutability lists

Python dictionaries mutt email client mv file dir command mv filel file2 command mv shell command myenv shell script MySQL

access/permission issues CONCAT() function data directories database clients command-line clients graphical clients local GUI database access MySQL command-line client SSH database access web database access databases, creating grant tables installing optimizing

PostgreSQL comparisons privileges root user passwords user accounts, adding mysql command (MySQL) MySQL command-line client mysql install db command, MySQL configuration mysqladmin command (MySQL) 2nd mysqldump command (MySQL) MySQLGUI website



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