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kaboodle kamera utility kate text editor kdat backup tool KDE (K Desktop Environment) ark backup tool C/C++ programming via KDevelop via Qt Designer (Trolltech) graphical processes, monitoring kdat backup tool KDevelop 2nd kdf kdm

KMail email client

KOffice office suite

Konqueror web browser 2nd 3rd mailing lists optimizing

Qt Designer (Trolltech) kdetv TV-viewing application kdevelop (KDE C/C++ graphical development environment) 2nd kdf (KDE monitoring client) kdm (KDE display manager) kedit text editor kernel-parameters.txt files kernels backups booted kernel storage compiling bzDisk directive bzlmage directive multiple versions retaining current kernel version speeding up troubleshooting zlmage directive configuring make config utility make menuconfig utility make xconfig utility

RAM disk images subsections of development of developmental releases device drives in-line kernels loading modules manually managing modules modular kernels monolithic kernels numbering system for oops optimizing overview of patched kernels PID

precompiled kernels recompiling runtime errors, troubleshooting

SCSI disk drivers security shebang (#!) lines source code in /usr/src/linux-2.6 directory source tree, makefiles sources, obtaining stable kernels symbolic links, changing testing programs in /usr/src/linux-2.6 directory type of, selecting versions of key-based logins

Keyboard and Console HOWTO document website keyboard configurations 2nd keys function, Perl hashes keywords

reserved SQL keywords substitutions (C/C++ programming) kibitz command kickstart installation method kill command, controlling processes kill-SIGHUP command KMail email client kmid

Kmix sound mixer KOffice office suite

KOrganizer scheduling program KPilot PDA synchronization program KSpread spreadsheet program KWord word processing program Konqueror Web browser (KDE) 2nd FTP sessions

Squid proxy server, configuration for Kooka scanner application 2nd KOrganizer scheduling program (KOffice) KPilot PDA synchronization program (KOffice) ks.cfg files, Ubuntu installation ksconfig command, Ubuntu installation ksh shell

Ksnapshot image captures ksort() array function

KSpread spreadsheet program (KOffice)

ksysguard (KDE monitoring client)


KWord word processing program (KOffice) kwrite text editor



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