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values function, Perl hashes van Rossum, Guido, Python development

/var directory 2nd var dump() function

/var/log/vsftpd.log configuration file

/var/log/xferlog files

/var/spool/cron directories variables

Perl variables PHP variables arrays resources substitution types of Python class object variables interactive interpreter, handling in shell scripts built-in 2nd environment storing strings in unexpanded variables user values, accessing values, assigning Vaults of Parnassus website

Vepstas' Linux Enterprise Computing pages website vi command vi text editor 2nd video/TV

codec file format combo cards drivers, installing DVD players

Flash plug-in (Macromedia) grabbers Java, enabling Linux, viewing in MPlayer video viewer noatun video viewer 2nd recording streaming video TiVo video recorder TV cards video chipsets videoconferencing VideoLan HOWTO documents vim text editor vimtutor command virtual consoles 2nd virtual desktops, X Window System window managers virtual file systems virtual hosts (Apache Server)

address-based hosts intranet websites name-based hosts viruses 2nd visudo command, granting root privileges VNC (Virtual Network Computing)

vncviewer remote session manager, monitoring graphical processes vorbis-tools vsftpd (Very Secure FTP) servers 2nd vulnerability assessments (security)



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