Inside Ubuntu

A copy of the Ubuntu distribution requires only one CD, something of a rarity in the Linux world. On this CD, you get everything you need to get up and running, including application software as well as several programs that give you direct access to the 16,000+ items of software available through the Debian software universe. Ubuntu is also available on a DVD installation, which includes hundreds of extra packages that you can install by using synaptic.

Ubuntu provides a base, or core, framework operating system and desktop composed entirely of free software. Ubuntu includes the Human desktop theme and by default ships with the GNOME window manager in place. If you prefer Xfce or even KDE, you can easily obtain and install Xubuntu or Kubuntu, both of which have the Ubuntu distribution at their core but use alternative window managers.

From a single CD to a huge repository of software, you can expect to spend long hours exploring the software on offer from Ubuntu. The synaptic package manager makes installing and maintaining software an easy exercise, meaning all you have to do is find out what is on offer.

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