Keyboard settings configured correctly

Certainly, I've had to configure this for my wife. You see, in the United Kingdom our @ key is located to the right of the colon/semicolon key, whereas in the United States it is located on the number 2 key. My wife spent quite a few years in the States and got used to the U.S. keyboard layout. So instead of her having to learn a new layout, I just configured her login to use the U.S. layout and mine to use the U.K. layout, which has saved us from a number of arguments!

However, you can also use the Keyboard Layout tool to configure special key behaviors. For instance, some people prefer to swap the Caps-Lock and left Ctrl key around. You can set this option and others in the Layout Options tab. If you are not yet a l33t hacker, experiment with what's on offer; you may get some benefit from these customizations.

Finally, Ubuntu can also configure and enforce typing breaks, all in the name of good health. Simply set the length of working time, the duration of the break, and whether you want to be able to postpone. When this is activated at the end of the first length of working time, Ubuntu locks the computer and will not let you log back in until the break duration has passed. Of course, if you are in the middle of something important, setting the Postpone option may prove useful.

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