Linux Guides

If you are looking for more extensive and detailed information concerning a Linux subject, try reading one of the many Linux guides. These guides, available for a number of subjects, dwell on technical topics in more detail and at a more leisurely pace than a HOWTO. You can find copies of

• "Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide," by Mendel Cooper; a guide to shell scripting using bash

• "LDP Author Guide," by Mark F. Komarinski; how to write LDP documentation

• "Linux Administration Made Easy," by Steve Frampton

• "Linux Consultants Guide," by Joshua Drake; a worldwide listing of commercial Linux consultants

• "Linux from Scratch," by Gerard Beekmans; creating a Linux distribution from software

• "Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide," by Peter J Salzman, Michael Burian, and Ori Pomerantz; a good guide to building 2.4 and 2.6 series modules

• "Securing and Optimizing Linux," by Gerhard Mourani

• Linux certification

• "The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition," by Olaf Kirch and Terry Dawson; a comprehensive Net admin guide

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