Linux TiVo and PVRs

Some TiVo users say that using this Linux-based device has changed their lives. Indeed, the convenience of using a personal video recorder (PVR ) can make life a lot easier for inveterate channel surfers. Although PVR applications are not included with Ubuntu, open source developers are working on newer and better versions of easy-to-install and easy-to-use PVR software for Linux. For more information about TiVo, which requires a monthly charge and a phone line (or broadband connection with a newer TiVo2), browse to . Unrepentant Linux hardware hackers aiming to disembowel or upgrade a TiVo can browse to .htm or read the TiVo Hack FAQ at . A PVR makes viewing television a lot more fun!

A number of Linux sites are devoted to PVR software development. Browse to the DVR project page at .

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