Listing 233 ftphosts Configuration File for Allowing or Denying Users

# Example host access file

# Everything after a '#' is treated as comment,

# empty lines are ignored allow tdc allow tdc 192.168.101.* allow tdc allow tdc * deny anonymous 2 01.*

deny anonymous *

The * is a wildcard that will match any combination of that address. For example, aiiow tdc * will allow the user tdc to log in to the FTP server from any address that contains the domain name Similarly, the anonymous user will not be allowed to access the FTP if he is coming from a 201 public class C IP address.

Changes made to your system's FTP server configuration files only become active after you restart inetd because configuration files are only parsed at startup. To restart inetd as root, issue the command /etc/init.d/inetutiis-inetd restart . This makes a call to the same shell script that is called at system startup and shutdown for any runlevel to start or stop the inet daemon. inetd should report its status as

# /etc/init.d/inetutils-inetd restart

Stopping internet superserver inetd: Starting internet superserver inetd:

Once restarted, the FTP server is accessible to all incoming requests.

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