Macromedia Flash

The Macromedia Flash plug-in for the Mozilla browser is a commercial multimedia application that isn't provided with Ubuntu, but many people find it useful. Macromedia Flash enables you to view Flash content at websites that support it. The Mozilla plug-in can be obtained from the multiverse repository using the package flashplugin-nonfree . This is actually a meta-package that will download and install the real Flashplayer from Macromedia. Once it is installed, all those fancy Flash animations will be enabled in Firefox.

Another interesting video viewer application is MPlayer, a movie player for Linux. MPlayer can use Win32 codecs and it supports a wider range of video formats than Xine, including DivX and some RealMedia files. MPlayer also uses some special display drivers that support Matrox, 3Dfx, and Radeon cards and can make use of some hardware MPEG decoder boards for better MPEG decoding. Look for Ubuntu packages at ; a Win32 codec package is also available, as well as other codec packages and a GUI interface.

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