Managing Printing Services

After defining a printer, you can use the command line to view and control your print jobs, or if root, all print jobs and printers on your system.

Table 12.1 contains a partial list of CUPS and related printing commands and drivers included with Ubuntu.


Formats text files for PostScript printing accept

Controls CUPS print job destinations cancel

Cancels a CUPS print job dvi [lj , lj4l , lj2p , lj4 ]

Converts TeX DVI files to specific PCL format encscript

Converts text files to PostScript escputil

Epson Stylus inkjet printer utility grolbp groff driver for Canon LBP-4 and LBP-8 laser printers gs

The Ghostscript interpreter gsbj [dj500 , lp ]

Ghostscript BubbleJet printer drivers gsdj [dj500 , lj , lp ]

Ghostscript DeskJet printer drivers lpadmin

CUPS command-line-based printer utility lp

Starts a CUPS print job lpc

A Berkeley-subset CUPS printer control client lpf

General printer filter lprm

A Berkeley-compatible CUPS job queue utility lpstat

Displays CUPS print jobs and printer status mpage

PostScript text formatting utility pbm [2ppa , page , to10x , toepson , toppa , toptx ]

Portable bitmap conversion utilities pr

Text formatting command psmandup

Duplex printing utility for nonduplex printers reject

Controls CUPS print job destinations setup

Launches printer configuration tool smbclient

SMB print spooler smbprint

SMB print shell script smbspool

SMB printer spooler thinkjettopbm

Portable bitmap to ThinkJet printer conversion utility

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