Manually Configuring Quotas

Manual configuration of quotas involves changing entries in your system's file system table, /etc/fstab, to add the usrquota mount option to the desired portion of your file system. As an example in a simple file system, quota management can be enabled like this:

LABEL=/ / ext3 defaults,usrquota 1 1

Group-level quotas can also be enabled by using the grpquota option. As the root operator, you must then create a file (using our example of creating user quotas) named quota.user in the designated portion of the file system, like so:

# touch /quota.user

You should then turn on the use of quotas using the quotaon command:

You can then edit user quotas with the edquota command to set hard and soft limits on file system use. The default system editor (vi unless you change your editor environment variable) will be launched when editing a user's quota.

Any user can find out what her quotas are with


Ubuntu does not support any graphical tools that enable you to configure disk quotas. A Quota mini-HOWTO is maintained at

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