MiniCD Linux Distributions

Mini-CD Linux distributions are used for many different purposes. Some distributions are used to boot to a read-only firewall configuration; others are used to provide as complete a rescue environment as possible; whereas others are used to either install or help jumpstart an install of a full distribution. Mini-CDs are available in a wide variety of sizes, such as 3" CD-Rs (or CD-RW) with sizes ranging from 185MB to 210MB. You can also download an .iso image and create a Linux bootable business card, typically fitting on a 40MB or 50MB credit-cardsize CD-R. (Consider using a miniCD-RW, especially if you want to upgrade your distribution often.) Here are some links to these distributions: Home page for the Linux BBC, a 40MB image hosting a rather complete live Linux session with X, a web browser, and a host of networking tools. Home page of the CRUX i686optimized Linux distribution. Home page for the free version of the Trustix Secure Linux distribution, which currently uses the latest 2.6 kernel. Trustix is RPM based. The 22MB SmoothWall distribution, which easily fits on a bootable business card and is used to install a web-administered firewall, router, or gateway with SSH, HTTP, and other services.

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