Calc offers some nifty features that you can use quickly if you need to. The handiest one in our opinion is the ability to select multiple cells and immediately see the total and average of the range. You will find these figures in the lower-right status bar. This feature has saved us numerous times when we have needed to get this information quickly!

Formatting Your Spreadsheets

Getting back to our example, it looks a little basic at the moment because no formatting is involved. For instance, which currency are we billing in? You can also see that the some of the cells have text that does not fit, which is highlighted by a small right arrow in the cell. We could also benefit by adding some labels and titles to our spreadsheet to make it more visually appealing.

To start off, let's make all the revenue figures into currency figures. To do this, select all the cells containing revenue information and click on the small icon shown in Figure 9.8. This immediately formats the cells so that they display the dollar sign and puts in a thousand separator to make the numbers easier to read.

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