If you are recompiling the Ubuntu default kernel, the /usr/src/iinux-2.6/configs directory contains several versions of configuration files for different purposes.

Ubuntu provides a full set of .config files in the subdirectory configs, all named for the type of system they were compiled for. For example, kernei-2.6.7-i686-smp.config is a configuration file for a multiprocessor Pentium-class computer. If you want to use one of these default configurations as the basis for a custom kernel, simply copy the appropriate file to /usr/src/iinux-2.6 and rename it .config.

4. Run the make mrproper directive to prepare the kernel source tree, cleaning out any old files or binaries.

5. Restore the .config file that the command make mrproper deleted, and edit the Makefile to change the ExtrAVERsioN number.

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