In Perl, "there is more than one way to do it." This is the unofficial motto of Perl, and it comes up so often that it is usually abbreviated as TIMTOWTDI.

You can use Perl at your shell's command line to execute one-line Perl programs, but most often the programs (usually ending in .pl) are run as a command. These programs generally work on any computer platform because Perl has been ported to just about every operating system. Perl is available by default when you install Ubuntu, and you will find its package files on the DVD included with this book.

Perl programs are used to support a number of Ubuntu services, such as system logging. For example, the program is run every morning at 4:20 a.m. by the crond (scheduling) daemon on your system. Other Ubuntu services supported by Perl include the following:

• Amanda for local and network backups

• Fax spooling with the faxrunqd program

• Printing supported by Perl document filtering programs

• Hardware sensor monitoring setup using the sensors-detect Perl program

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