Do not confuse the ncftp client with ncftpd. The ncftp-3.1 package included with Ubuntu is the client software, a replacement for ftp-0.17, and includes the ncftpget and ncftpput commands for transferring files via the command line or by using a remote file uniform resource locator (URL) address. ncftpd is the FTP server, which can be downloaded from

Another FTP server package for Linux is ProFTPD, licensed under the GNU GPL. This server works well with most Linux distributions and has been used by a number of Linux sites, including and ProFTPD is actively maintained and updated for bug fixes and security enhancements. Its developers recommend that you use the latest release (1.2.10 at the time of this writing) to avoid exposure to exploits and vulnerabilities. Browse to to download a copy.

Yet another FTP server package is Bsdftpd-ssi, which is based on the BSD ftpd (and distributed under the BSD license). Bsdftpd-ssi offers simultaneous standard and secure access using security extensions; secure access requires a special client. For more details, browse to

Finally, another alternative is to use Apache (and the HTTP protocol) for serving files. Using a web server to provide data downloads can reduce the need to monitor and maintain a separate software service (or directories) on your server. This approach to serving files also reduces system resource requirements and gives remote users a bit more flexibility when downloading (such as enabling them to download multiple files at once). See Chapter 20, "Apache Web Server Management," for more information about using Apache.

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