You can also use the blank= option with the cdrecord command to erase CD-RW disks. The cdrecord command has fewer options than mkisofs does, but it offers the -multi option, which enables you to make multisession CDs. A multisession CD enables you to write a data track, quit, and then add more data to the CD later. A single=session CD can be written to only once; any leftover CD capacity is wasted. Read about other options in the cdrecord man page.

Current capacity for CD media is 700MB of data or 80 minutes of music. (There are 800MB/90 minute CDs, but they are very rare.) Some CDs can be overburned; that is, recorded to a capacity in excess of the standard. The cdrecord command is capable of overburning if your CD-RW drive supports it. You can learn more about overburning CDs at oversize.shtml/.

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