Browse to for a detailed discussion regarding active and passive FTP modes and the effect of firewall blocking of service ports on FTP server and client connections.

Other default settings are that specific user login controls are not set, but you can configure the controls to deny access to one or more users.

The data transfer rate for anonymous client access is unlimited, but a maximum rate (in bytes per second) can be set using the anon_max_rate setting in vsftpd.conf. This can be useful for throttling bandwidth use during periods of heavy access. Another default is that remote clients will be logged out after five minutes of idle activity or a stalled data transfer. You can set idle and transfer timeouts (stalled connections) separately.

Other settings that might be important for managing your system's resources (networking bandwidth or memory) when offering FTP access include dirlist_enable Toggles directory listings on or off.

dirmessage_enable Toggles display of a message when user enters a directory; a related setting is ls_recurse_enableJ which can be used to disallow recursive directory listings.

download_enable Toggles downloading on or off.

max_clients Sets a limit on the maximum number of connections.

max_per_ip Sets a limit on the number of connections from the same IP address.



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