Planning the Installation

There are many factors in favor of using Ubuntu as a computing solution. Ubuntu can fill many different roles on various tiers and hardware platforms because its preconfigured installation scripts are a tailored fit for development, workstation, e-commerce, server, and mobile platformsonly the required software will be installed.

Addressing concerns beforehand can help quell any worries or fears felt by new users. Some key factors for a successful installation include

• Preparation Thoroughly discuss the migration or deployment, along with benefits, such as greater stability and availability of service.

• Preconfiguration If possible, give users a voice in software choices or categories and poll for comments regarding concerns.

• Correct installation Ensure that the installed systems are working properly, including access permissions, password systems, or other user-related issues and interaction with the deployment.

• The right hardware to do the job Make sure that users have the hardware they need for their work, and that computers match the tasks required. For example, developers will have workstation requirements vastly different from administrative personnel.


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