Playing Windows Games with Cedega

As mentioned earlier, the key to mass-market appeal of an operating system is in the applications available for it. A group of developers saw that the vast majority of the computing world was using Windows-based productivity and gaming software and decided to develop a way to run this software on Linux, thereby giving Linux users access to this large application base. The developers came up with a program called Wine, which has been updated regularly and forms the basis of the gaming variant called Cedega. This is a commercial product available from developers TransGaming Technologies (, so you cannot retrieve it using yum.

However, Cedega is a popular and up-to-date product with support for recent releases such as HalfLife 2, Sid Meier's Pirates!, and World of Warcraft. Because the state of Cedega is constantly changing, TransGaming Technologies has a subscription service, which means that you get updates for the code when they are releasedensuring that you are able to enjoy not only the games of today, but also those of tomorrow.

So, if you cannot wait for Linux to become more popular with game developers, use Cedega as a stop-gap until they can be persuaded to support Linux directly.

The keys to successful gaming in Linux are to always read the documentation thoroughly, always investigate the Internet resources thoroughly, and always understand your system Installing games is a great way to learn about your system because the reward of success is so much fun.


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