Productivity Applications Written for Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows differs fundamentally from Linux, but you can install and run some Microsoft Windows applications in Linux by using an application named Wine. Wine enables you to use Microsoft Windows and DOS programs on UNIX-based systems. Wine includes a program loader that you can use to execute a Windows binary, along with a .dll library that implements Windows command calls, translating them to the equivalent UNIX and X11 command calls. Because of frequent updates to the Wine code base, Wine is not included with Ubuntu Core. Download a current version of Wine from

To see whether your favorite application is supported by Wine, you can look at the Wine application database at

As well, there are other solutions to enable use of Microsoft productivity applications, primarily CodeWeavers CrossOver Office. If you are after a painless way of running not only Microsoft Office, but also Apple iTunes and other software, you should really pay CodeWeavers a visit. CrossOver Office is one of the simplest programs you can use to get Windows-based programs to work. Check out to download a trial version of the latest software. It requires registration, but don't worrythe guys at CodeWeavers are great and will not misuse your details. The big plus is that you get a whole month to play around with the trial before you decide whether to buy it. Of course, you might get to the end of the 30 days and realize that Linux does what you want it to do and you don't want to go back to Windows. Don't be afraid; take the plunge!

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