Programming in C

C++ is an object-oriented extension to C. Because C++ is a superset of C, C++ compilers compile C programs correctly, and it is possible to write nonobject-oriented code in C+ + . The reverse is not true: C compilers cannot compile C++ code.

C++ extends the capabilities of C by providing the necessary features for object-oriented design and code. C++ also provides some features, such as the capability to associate functions with data structures, that do not require the use of class-based object-oriented techniques. For these reasons, the C++ language enables existing UNIX programs to migrate toward the adoption of object orientation over time.

Support for C++ programming is provided by gcc, which you run with the name g++ when you are compiling C++ code. KDE includes some intermediate C++ tools, such as moc (the Meta Object Compiler) for use when building KDE applications.

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