Qmail and Exim

Qmail is a direct competitor to Postfix but is not provided with Ubuntu. Postfix is designed to be easier to use than Sendmail, as well as faster and more secure. However, Qmail isn't a drop-in replacement for Sendmail, so migrating an existing Sendmail installation to Qmail is not quite as simple as migrating from Sendmail to Postfix. Qmail is relatively easy to administer, and it integrates with a number of software add-ons, including web mail systems and POP3 servers. Qmail is available from http://www.qmail.org/.

Exim is yet another MTA, and it is available at http://www.exim.org/. Exim is considered faster and more secure that Sendmail or Postfix, but is much different to configure that either of those. Exim and Qmail use the maildir format rather than mbox, so both are considered "NFS safe" (see the following sidebar).

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