Quick and Dirty FTP Service

Conscientious Linux administrators will take the time to carefully install, set up, and configure a production FTP server before offering public service or opening up for business on the Internet. However, you can set up a server very quickly on a secure LAN by following a few simple steps:

1. Ensure that the FTP server package is installed, networking is enabled, and firewall rules on the server allow FTP access. See Chapter 18, "Network Connectivity," to learn about firewalling.

2. If anonymous access to server files is desired, populate the /home/ftp/pub directory. Do this by mounting or copying your content, such as directories and files under this directory.

3. Edit, and then save the appropriate configuration file (such as vsftpd.conf for vsftpd) to enable access.

4. If you are using wu-ftpd, you must then start or restart inetd like so: /etc/init.d/inetutiis-inetd restart. Make sure you have the inetutilsinetd package installed through Synaptic/APT. If you are using vsftpd, you must then start or restart the server like so: service vsftpd start.


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