The following is a list of references you can use to learn a bit more about partitioning, installation tools, and installing Ubuntu and Linux variants on a variety of hardware. You'll also find information about installation on hardware employed for embedded and mainframe solutions. A basic primer to partitioning that is operating system nonspecific. Home page for Linux at IBM, with links to products, services, and downloads. Home page for IBM S/390 Linux solutions. Dell Computer's Linux information pages. Home page for the Linux FireWire project, with information regarding the status of drivers and devices for this port. Home page for the Linux USB project, with lists of supported devices and links to drivers. Home page for Linux for x286 and below CPUs, ELKS Linux. Home page for the Bootable Business Card, a 50MB compressed Linux distribution that offers hundreds of networking clients, a live X session, web browsing, PDA backup, wireless networking, rescue sessions, and file recovery. Home page for several compact Linux distributions offering firewalling and VPN services. The floppy-based distribution works quite well on older PCs and does not require a hard drive. Home page for a floppy-based Linux router solution that works on 386 PCs, requires only 6MB RAM, and provides bridging, firewalling, IP masquerading, DNS, DHCP, web, telnet, print, time, and remote access functions. A detailed overview of some root causes of Linux Signal 11 errors. Home page for the GNU parted utility. One place to check for a vendor near you selling Linux preinstalled on a PC, laptop, server, or hard drive.



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