Reference A resource for technical information about CD media and CD writers. The commercial OSS sound driver trial version download. Home to the Xmms audio player. A free (but not GPL) OGG CD ripper. An MP3 to OGG converter named mp32ogg.!INDEX.html Home to several sound conversion utilities. An excellent resource for Linux music and sound. The Audio Format FAQ. A streaming audio server. An Icecast tutorial. The MP3 HOWTO contains brief descriptions of many audio applications and, although it focuses on the MP3 format, the information is easily generalized to other music formats. Video for Linux resources. Video encoding tools. The Teletext FAQ. Home of the Xine DVD/video player. Home to the MPlayer video player. A VideoLAN project with good documentation. The DVD+RW/+R/-R[W] for Linux, a HOWTO for creating DVDs under Linux. The home of the Banshee project, an open source music ripping and playing application developed using mono.


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